Kit Includes: 2 bottles of CV Defense (60 day supply) + 1 bottle of CV Acute
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60 Day Supply

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Masks and washing your hands are part of the solution – but you can empower your immune system with an Empower Yourself Kit from CV Sciences. It has 2 bottles of their daily immune system booster CV Defense and one bottle of CV Acute – their powerful three day formula to take whenever you feel your immune system under attack. Working together, this empowering kit is vital protection for your immune system health. 

CV Defense is a mix of vitamins, minerals and special ingredients backed by the World Health Organization. There’s Vitamin A, zinc, selenium, and Vitamin D – all known to help the immune system in different ways. Then there’s Reishi mushrooms, known as the Mushrooms of Immortality, and an extra special ingredient known as PEA – an endogenous cannabinoid that will become even bigger than CBD in our lifetime. It’s your daily tonic for a strong and robust immune system. 

CV Acute is an extra special product. Based on an ancient formula from Traditional Chinese Medicine and backed by research from the World Health Organization, it’s a mix of three plants all known to be a supercharged response to an immune system challenge. When you start to feel the first signs that your immune system might be under attack, all you do is take CV Acute for three days for a remarkable and rapid immune system response. CV Acute is a great value for protecting you and your family. 

Get the Empower Yourself Kit from CV Sciences with 2 bottles of CV Defense and a bottle of CV Acute.