Kit Includes: 1 bottle of CV Defense (30 Day Supply) + 1 bottle of CV Acute
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30 Day Supply

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It’s time to empower your immune system with the CV Sciences Empower Yourself kit. It’s one bottle of CV Acute and one bottle of CV Defense, the most powerful new immunity products of 2021.  

CV Defense is your daily immune system booster while CV Acute is for a strong immediate response to immune system threat. 

CV Acute works differently than other immunity products. It’s based on an ancient Chinese preparation that combines three plants into an immune system product that’s backed by the World Health Organization. When you feel like your immune system might be experiencing a challenge, then it’s time to take CV Acute for three days and give your immune system a super boost. The results are as remarkable as the science that it’s based on. CV Acute is a great value and belongs in every home in America. 

And then, for your everyday immune system support, CV Defense is an ideal mix of vitamins, minerals, and special ingredients. Starting with Vitamin A, selenium, zinc, and Vitamin D – top ingredients cited by the World Health Organization – then they add a special blend of Reishi mushrooms, known as the Mushrooms of Immortality, and an extra special ingredient known as PEA – an endogenous cannabinoid that will become even bigger than CBD in our lifetime. CV Defense an array of immune boosting ingredients backed by scientific research and expert formulation. 

For the best way to strengthen your immune system, get the Empower Yourself kit from CV Sciences with a bottle of CV Defense and CV Acute.